Scattering of Ashes

There may be moments you are unable to find the words – I will help, guide and support you.

Where you decide to lay your loved ones permanently to rest is sometimes a really hard decision. It can be an extremely meaningful, symbolic act, sometimes awfully sad but also incredibly moving and powerful.

There is no time limit to scattering the ashes after cremation, whatever you feel is the right decision for you.

What you decide to incorporate into the ceremony is completely up to you. You may want to sing or listen to their favourite song or read a poem – whatever you think is the most fitting send off for your loved one. You can hold the ceremony wherever you like too. Often places that were very special to them are chosen. If it is a popular spot however, you may want to consider the time you scatter the ashes as there may well be many people around. You don’t want to hurry the ceremony but you may not want people staring. I can hold the ceremony at whatever time of day you choose.

In the ‘What Happens Next’ section below I have outlined a full service for the scattering of ashes. It may be that you have already had a service and just want a something a little different. Please get in touch and we can talk about what you have in mind.

Scattering of Ashes in Carlisle, Cumbria

Family and friends can also be involved in the delivery of the service if they feel able. I will stand beside them if they find it too much on the day.
My one hope for the day is that you look back at the ceremony and feel that you honoured your loved one with the most deeply personal, heartfelt farewell you could.


You get in contact with me via email, message, phone call, facebook, Instagram, or in person and we have initial chat about your requirements and wishes. You can give me a date and I will see if it is available. If it is then let’s meet up. We get to know each other, and you can decide if you would like me to be your celebrant.
We meet up in person or over Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and we get to know each other even more. This can take between 1-2 hours but there is no limit. It might be that a scattering of ashes ceremony is shorter than a service at the crematorium but I approach it in a similar manner. At this meeting I want to get to know all about your loved one and their life story. This helps me make your ceremony totally unique and personal. We can talk about where they were born, siblings and family members they grew up with, their time at school and any childhood stories, all their family members and friends, their careers and places of work, did they belong to any groups or societies, their personality, their character, hobbies and achievements, your favourite memories of them, any significant events, how will they be remembered and did they have any personal requests about their funeral? We also talk about what ideas you have for your ceremony – will anybody else be speaking? Choices can be made from my wide selection of poetry and readings. Any additional pieces that hold special meaning or significance for your loved one can be included. I will help you decide how they could be arranged and presented. You may want a family member or close friend to do a reading or make a speech.
I go away and compose a draft script for your ceremony using all the information I have gained from us meeting.
It is important for me to say there are no restrictions on how many times we re-write the draft ceremony. It has to be absolutely perfect. If there is anything you don’t like, just let me know I really don’t mind.
When I have the final draft I will add in any readings, poems or speeches so everything is well timed. We are somewhat limited with time as they are often very strict about time keeping.
After the service when there’s a chance to have 2 minutes with you I will present you with a presentation box with a copy of the service script

FEE £190


For ceremonies within a 25-mile radius of CA2.

Additional mileage of 45p a mile is charged for ceremonies further afield.